Reading with Readers

i consider myself pretty technologically “with it.”  i’m hip with what’s down these days, and all that.  i write and read blogs, i do all my banking online, i have a touchscreen cell phone, i only watch downloaded shows and movies, and i have and know how to work an ipod.  but let’s skip back to that first point – i read blogs.  how do i read them, you ask?  well, i link to my favorite ones over there —–>
and just click through, every day.  sometimes more than once.  i had heard tell of readers, but thought meh, i could just click and wait for things to load to see if anyone’s changed anything.  well, i was talking with leslie today, and i finally became convinced to give the reader thing a try.  so now i’m subscribed to all of you beautiful people over there (and then some, because i’m a stalker and find friends of friends and links of links) through google reader.  and as leslie pointed out, now i can increase my volume of blogs read exponentially without having a 40 page long front page to my own blog with all my loved links.  of course, i’ll probably still add some links and take some down on the right there, but we’ll see.

any google reader using tips?  i’m brand new to it as of about twenty minutes ago, and need all the advice i can get to use all its doodads!  and p.s., subscribe to me, too!

One thought on “Reading with Readers

  1. Leslie says:


    I changed mine from being newest first, to sorting by oldest first.

    Also you can tag things and star things and share things and email things to people from there.

    your life will change.

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