Christmas Decor

being that i just realized that christmas is, um, next week, i figured i ought to show you what i’ve put up for the season at the new house:

the mantel: target stockings from several years ago (i love their graphic contrast and the simple dual colors), a length of greenery with red velvet bows, my usual mantel decor (buddha, grecian, and some small accessories), noel candle holders, and a red velvet bow on each of my topiaries.  nothing too crazy, but festive.

to the right of the mantel we have the tree, up on a table to keep it away from curious paws.  all red and silver in mostly balls from walmart, beads from walmart, and a topper from target.  it’s not pre-lit, but man is it easy to string lights on a tree that weighs about 3 pounds and that you are taller than.

my fireplace arrangement.  we don’t plan on actually using the fireplace this winter (or ever), so i kept my usual four pieces in there (the topiary, the antique tongs, and the two wood sections), added the red velvet bow, a silvered votive, a mirrored ornament, and a snowman head ornament to liven it up.

my dining table centerpiece…for all the fellow OCDers out there, that red bow is crooked, and i will fix it.  moving on.  i often have that dark green iron bowl on my dining table with the faux lemons in it.  i embedded my mini evergreen in it with another red velvet bow (continuity!), and put a vintage rolling duck toy in the bowl.  the pull cord for the ducky is the “garland” of the tree.  then some red christmas balls strewn about and perched on crystal candlesticks, a gold platter, and a gold woven basket to hold my linen napkins.  for linens i pulled some things together from other spots of the house: a red round woven placemat and two green and white striped placemats to create a runner.  there are some other small things up around the rest of the house, but those are the majors!  i hope someday to be able to invest in more, this holiday is definitely top of my list!


One thought on “Christmas Decor

  1. Sarah (Mrs. CT Sr.) says:

    Just three stockings? Who loses out? Poor forgotten Patsy?

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