Kicking Off

i haven’t blogged in a while.  like, a long while.  so here goes:

– we went to san francisco.  we saw wicked at the orpheum in the city, hung out with pete’s family, ate wayyyy too much food, saw the gibbeadle clan (i met maribel!  finally!), hung out with my little-brother-from-another-mother ben, played many board games, got a pedicure, read, received many super nice gifts, and came down with a cold.

– next we came home.  worked for three days.

– back on the road!  headed out to kansas city to do new year’s/christmas 2.o.1.0 with my family.  we took gibb on his first road trip, gave and got gifts (i got a kindle!! woo!),  played in the snow, played more board games, ate prime rib and la bodega, celebrated the new year with family friends, enjoyed my nephews, did art projects with 2.5 year olds, slipped and slid on ice, and had a long drive home listening to an audio book.

– now we’re home, back to the grind.  i work 4 doubles this week, so it’s a nice, “HEY, your vacation is over, welcome to work again!”  gibb is coming down off of his road trip high, and patsy is elated to have us home.  we’re buckling down for Winter Storm of Doom 2010 and the 2 inches (HA.) of snow it’s supposed to bring tonight and tomorrow.  so i’m dressed warm and cozy for work today:

p.s. that is my new favorite accessory, cute headband/hairpiece from ny&co.  holler for gift cards!  hope everyone else had an awesome set of holidays and is doing ok coming off of sugar, rich food, gift, and time off highs!

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