Sucked In

i’ve been so engrossed with my google reader and adding more and more blogs to it, i keep forgetting that i should probably update mine, too.  whoops!

so what’s been going on, what’s been going on….

well, to start with the present and work backwards, we had a miserable morning.  after about ten days of glorious tunage, pete had his brand new (xmas gift from my mom) car radio stolen overnight last night.  also stolen were some very sentimental items of his grandfather’s (who passed away a year ago new year’s), which is the real pisser.  it’s getting harder and harder for me to like this city and its occupants.  i have a few favorites but by and large this city is on my shit list.

so that was tuesday night/wednesday morning.  monday night my car got trapped in a downtown parking garage.  unbeknownst to us, the garage we park in every single monday for trivia downtown had changed its rules and now closes at 11 pm.  trivia ends at 11 pm.  it was 35 degrees and we had to wait and wait for police assistance and finally we were able to get pete’s car keys out of my car (the real dilemma of the situation – if we had just taken a cab home, we would’ve been car-less since his car keys were in my car in the locked garage).  we took a cab home that night and didn’t get my car til yesterday evening.

so this has not really been our week, so far.  here’s a halfhearted attempt at me being optimistic in saying, maybe it’ll get better?  i just heard from pete that he had to go to the eye doctor for injuring himself while trying to fix a window the thieves pried open, so maybe we’ve finally reached our ultimate low.  sigh.

my current positives, to find that silver lining:

– my nails are looking way cute in bright red and aren’t chipped:

– the rev, despite all the hassle of the morning, used some extra at-home time to make me a sandwich and apple for lunch:

– we’re both (overall) still healthy, still have two working cars, our house was untouched, and our pets still adore us.  so, there’s that.

One thought on “Sucked In

  1. Kaderrick says:

    Oh no! This used to happen to me all the time in my first neighborhood here in San Francisco- I finally moved to Palo Alto once my car started getting broken into on a weekly basis. Usually, they only broke in to sleep in the back seat, but once they took my license plates and my overhead light. It was awesome.

    Lesson learned: never leave ANYTHING of value in the car. Ha, and in San Francisco, it is safer to just leave the car doors unlocked so your windows don’t get broken.

    And I had a moment like that when I was housesitting for my friends who live in the same SF neighborhood this weekend- somebody broke one of the window panels on the front door, probably trying to break in while the dog and I slept in the back.

    Unfortunately, it happens everywhere and rattles your comfort zone, but hopefully it won’t happen again soon!

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