Hellloooooo Polyvore!

so, i just discovered polyvore.  i’ve seen it used on a million blogs and always loved it, but now i’m REALLY sucked in.  expect many more of these, as i play around with things i can definitely not afford but would looooove to own.
i called this one “another gray day” because i know we and many other cities are going in and out of grayness, and i wanted to prove to you (and myself) that gray doesn’t always have to be bad:

Another Gray Day

messing around
on another gray day.
gray doesn’t always
have to have negative

ok that antonio berardi coat – those shoulders are to DIE.  love.  nicely dressy enough to pair with the satin jersey Cavalli dress for a date night out.  and despite the fact that i could not walk in them without some serious training, i might allegedly kill someone for those YSL pumps, in any and every color they may come in.  ditto for the MMM handbag in that luscious leather.  and anyone that accessorizes with balenciaga sunglasses and a burberry umbrella is on top of their game, in my book.

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