All Me With a Dash of Audrey

am i still addicted to polyvore, you ask?  well, it’s only been a day, but i see a long term love affair budding into something beautiful.


i titled this outfit “audrey,” but really it’s allllll me, if i had a couple of spare grand to enjoy myself with.  also if i were a size 0 and could actually fit in to victoria b’s skinny mini jeans.  i love love love the silhouette of a tunic/longer length sweater (cashmere purrrrrrr) with a slim leg.  despite the denim, i think it’s a polished look for its streamlinedness (new word!).  the inclusion of the soft pinky mauve nude in the chloe flats and topshop jersey scarf feels kind of parisian to me, but i think that vibe is enhanced by the horizontal stripes – a personal addiction of mine.  and can you even IMAGINE the comfort of this outfit??  cashmere up top, denim below, jersey around your neck, soft leather flats on your feet, and hellllloooooo louis vuitton bag in apple green, i love you.  i’m not much of a patent leather person, and would prefer this in a matte soft tumbled leather, but that color just speaks to me, and adds a soft spring pop to the outfit.  throw on some gold tiffany/tiffany-inspired jewelry, the sweetest little whale earrings (from juicy couture, who would’ve thunk it?), and mount your trusty steed for a day of riding (rocking?) next to the seine!  100% me, this one.

dudes, i’m so addicted to polyvore.  please comment on here with some inspirations for me to create new sets to!  book characters, historical figures, outfits you’d love to get a thought on, whatever!


2 thoughts on “All Me With a Dash of Audrey

  1. Leslie says:

    Zooey from 500 Days of Summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • coltempo says:

      ok ignore my earlier reply if you saw it. i’m going to watch the movie soon and then i’ll pull some looks together!

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