All I Do

is create things on polyvore.

for some reason i like to create more of a “storyboard” feel than what it seems like a lot of other polyvore users are making.  theirs seem to be more of these massive montages with mash-ups of images, text, moody pictures, etc.  i’ll do my share of those the more i do this, i’m sure, but i like creating a little fictional space and a little fictional girl with a little fictional outfit.

this one’s inspired by a new store we’re getting here in memphis (maybe memphis will catch up with the world and get an H&M too??)…anthropologie:


for more info., click the picture and it’ll take you to the set detail.  i love this little faux space!  it feels like spring.  most everything’s from anthro.  my thought was of this single girl creating a new small apartment space in a big city somewhere (let’s say boston, though you get to wear sleeves and skirts that short in boston for about 3 weeks out of the year).  anyway, she wakes up one day and falls in love (as she does every morning) all over again with her yellow anthro rug.  she’s inspired and throws on her yellow and white anthro dress for a day out with some fun accessories and comfy wedge espadrilles.  i gave her a little seating area, where she had obviously kicked off her shoes the night before while she read in her cozy gray chair.  she’s too adorable.

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