Now Tuned To…

i promise i’ll try to write a bit more.  i’ve got news to share but need time to prepare it (no, we’re not engaged nor pregnant, so i’ll go ahead and dash those thoughts!).  in the meantime, i thought i might share a new love:

Vampire Weekend

these preppy indie boys have stolen my preppy indie heart.  i have both albums shown here (self-titled “vampire weekend” and more recent “contra”) and am totally digging on them.  it’s largely upbeat, happy, boppy, and all-around enjoyable.  i highly encourage you to look into these boys!  i’ve also been listening more to my SiriusXMU station in my car, which is what the kids these days are listening to – the more cutting-edge alternative hitting the airwaves nowadays.  so i’m starting to like beach house, grizzly bear, and other bands you’ve probably not heard of.  give them all a try, though, and who knows?  you might find something new to like!

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