New Frontier

so, the news: i got a new job!  it kind of fell into my lap (which, somehow, seems to be how i get all of my jobs…).  a friend of mine at my second job also works for a law firm, and let me know they were looking to hire a legal assistant.  i gave her my resume and then promptly practically forgot about it, since she had said they wouldn’t be making a decision for over a month.

then i got a call out of the blue to go interview, which i did, and then a week later was offered the position!  i’m excited to be working with someone i already know, and it’ll be in downtown memphis.  in this building, in fact:

except those dumpsters will be gone.  i think.  either way, a new frontier for me, in a time when i know that many, many people can’t find employment.  believe me, i know how lucky i am.  two mondays from now i’ll start.  so excited!

One thought on “New Frontier

  1. Leslie says:

    Congrats! I know it’ll be great!

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