Trucking Along

jumping back into blogging…

well, it’s been about a month since you last saw me.  a lot has been going on to fill that time and keep me from blogging, so let me share with you.

a. i started a new job in downtown memphis.  it’s going stupendously so far, and i am really, REALLY enjoying working downtown.  it’s such a great vibe down here.  it makes me feel like i’m back in a cosmopolitan city more along the lines of boston, to be able to stroll down south main at lunch or to go to the courthouse along brick-lined paths with small bistros beckoning me to give them a try.  plus, free parking in downtown memphis is a huge bonus i have already begun taking advantage of outside of work hours!

b. consequently, i have seriously scaled back my time at my second job.  i no longer work double shifts of thirteen hour days.  it has been kind of unreal, as it’s the first time in over two years that i’m not pushing myself to the limits during the week to cover two jobs.  i’m still working my second job on the weekends, though, but i still kind of feel like it’s a holiday every day that i leave work at 5 and go straight home.  the novelty!

c. pete and i went to new orleans for the last weekend of february, for him to run a half marathon (the Mardi Gras Rock n Roll Half Marathon).  he wanted to run for time, and wanted to beat two hours.  here he is stretching before starting (this, by the way, is at about 5:30 a.m.  we woke up at 4:30 a.m.  i am SUCH A GOOD GIRLFRIEND.);

suffice it to say, he beat his goal.  he ran the entire half marathon of 13.1 miles in one hour and forty-eight minutes.  pretty stunning, at least to me – 8.5 minute mile pace for the entire thing.  here he is blowing through the finish line (in all blue):

we had a wonderful couple of days in new orleans, visiting Mother’s restaurant twice (dinner and breakfast, mmmmmm), walking around downtown and the quarter, visiting the convention center and a random tiny bar, and seeing pete’s family.  it was a great break from memphis life, and we’re looking forward to another half marathon here in memphis in a couple of weeks and another in nashville in late april.  maybe someday i’ll run one with him?  (i did just join a gym last night again.  getting tired of feeling like i need to buy a new wardrobe, i’d rather make my body fit my clothes than get new clothes for my body!)

d. spring is springing here in memphis and i couldn’t be more elated!  it’s so nice to have occasional 70-degree days, bright sun, and soft breezes.  and some trees are starting to bud…i can’t wait to see downtown in full spring soon!

One thought on “Trucking Along

  1. Leslie says:

    1:48!!!!!!! that is an incredible time! Way to go, Pete!

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