Things to Say

i haven’t been posting much…ok, at all…because i just haven’t had too much i felt like i needed to just get out there and share and whatever.  but i miss blogging, so here i am.

we’ve actually been doing a lot since i was last on.  my mom and nephew came to town, and we took him (in one day) to the children’s museum of memphis AND the zoo.  it was a 2.5-year-old’s ideal day, for sure.  that same weekend, pete ran another half marathon and shaved a minute off of his prior time, despite it being 40 degrees and raining for the entire race.  i have never seen people shake and shiver as hard as those runners after the finish line!  next we went to nashville for the weekend to hike with friends at long hunter state park, a good-sized group of friends and a pack of three elated dogs.  i highly recommend the trails to people with dogs and in need of some easy outdoor time.  no walls to scale or anything, it was a pretty relaxed hike and had some gorgeous views.  skipping rocks on the lake wasn’t too shabby, either!

then came pete’s birthday weekend, the big 2-6!  he thinks he’s ancient, i think he just gets better looking.  aging like a fine barrell of maker’s mark.  zing!  anyway, i decided that since he’s always all, “don’t get me anything, i don’t need anything, there are better things to spend money on, blah blah blah,” it would be better to put my time toward organizing an ideal pete day.  we began with saturday morning breakfast on our front porch, the dog stretched out in the sun, with starbucks coffee (chai for me) and panera blueberry bagels.  it was 72 degrees, sunny, birds were singing, and it was the perfect start to the day.

next we got dressed for outdoorsy activities and invited a couple of friends over.  i packed a massive lunch (lunch meat, tomatoes, panera bread, condiments, lettuce, crackers, granola bars, cookies, grapes, carrots…i got carried away) and we packed ourselves into my car.  gibson cruised with us in the way-back of my hatchback out to meeman-shelby state forest (about 40 minutes from our house), and we hiked into their woodland trail.  it was GORGEOUS and a good bit stiffer of a hike than long hunter.  or really, the only rougher elements were the elevation change at the start/finish and the mud.  gibson was one happy camper, muddy up to his neck and grinning like a fool.  we hiked about 2 miles in, ate lunch, went a little further and, upon meeting a muddy valley slash impasse, turned around and hiked back out. 

we stopped to see the general store, a favorite local haunt built in 1930.  there was a rooster on the front porch, live music on the side porch, and an eclectic  group of folks inside.  a leisurely (aka we got lost) drive out of the park and back into memphis saw us saying bye to our friends.  we cleaned up and relaxed for a couple hours, and then i drove us back downtown to dinner out at bluefin.  we had a ton of excellent sushi (one of the rev’s favorites, and a great light meal after a long day outside), and wandered down peabody place to the crepe maker for a dessert crepe out on the street.  then it was back home for a quick change and then back out to the hi tone for the cd release party of Harlan T. Bobo, a local artist and a killer performer.  his opening band left a lot to be desired (the audience was literally open mouthed in confusion), but Bobo was worth the wait.

the birthday day ended at about 2:30 am at home, where we both passed out from the efforts of the day, but it was proclaimed to be damn near the perfect day by the rev.  so, mission accomplished!  we followed it up sunday with a trip to see La Cage Aux Folles (the play that provided the inspiration for the movie The Birdcage) at Theater Memphis.  it was hilarious and well done.  that brings us up to this past weekend, which i really just worked so wa hoo for that.  aaaaand we’re updated!  i have other exciting news to share (non-pregnancy, non-wedding news), but i’ll save it for another post.  and sorry for the lack of pictures, i’ll update the post later!

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