– hot pink nails & toenails are a good way to feel summery when the weather won’t cooperate.

– sushi sounds good right now.

– when will H&M come to memphis?  it is perfect: trend-focused, inexpensive, spot on for the memphis consumer (usually trend-driven and exceedingly price-conscious).  H&M, this is my official plea.  hear me!

– also, chipotle.  i still miss you, these 21 months gone by.

in other more coherent news, i have begun training for a marathon.  i know that in times gone by i have espoused my new!found!exercise!habits!  but this time i’m trying to be more for real.  i’m 15 days in and so far am feeling good.  here is the plan:

1.  jeff galloway’s conditioning program (for those, like me, that are starting from ground negative a thousand).

thumbs up to you, too, mr. galloway!

2. hal higdon’s 18-week marathon training program, which i will extend a bit on the front end to work up to.

thanks for the rec, mr. smiff!

3. cross-training: yoga classes, pilates classes, and weights on my own at my gym.  trying to strengthen everything so when i complete the full 26.2 shebang i don’t die of pain.

and let me tell you what, marathon training is working for me!  instead of blearily meandering around my gym, doing twenty minutes on this doo hickey and twelve on that and blah i’m bored, i have a distinct goal and daily commands for what i need to do to reach that goal.  it is almost as good as having a personal trainer – no, it’s better, because i don’t have anyone yelling at me (except for pete).  and for those of you that are wondering, he had very little to do with influencing my decision.  i just got to a point where i realized that running would only bring good things to my life – health, strength, esteem, a network, etc. and sitting around would only bring bad.  so, here we go, marathon-in-november!  bring it, cuz it has been broughten!

i’m also hoping, by the way, to run smaller races to work my way toward the big one.  i’m hoping to start in two weekends, with a memphis 5k.  woo!  and consider this a shout out to fleet feet here in memphis, which took much time with me to analyze how i run on a slow mo camera and help me choose the shoe that would help me best!

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