En Route

so in precisely a month i will be getting on a plane for 12 hours.

ok…two planes for a total of 10 hours in flight.  2 hours in LAX.  but still.  lots of plane time.  (will i be drifting through LAX hoping for celeb spottings? no duh.)

the rev and i are going to HAWAII in july, and, so shockingly, it’s all i think of.  i’ve been trying to figure out what to wear for all that flying, and this is one option:


long maxi dresses are pretty much like nightgowns, as far as i’m concerned, when it comes to comfort.  a sheer cardigan, easy slip on/slip off sandals, a gorgeoussss michael kors watch (someone tell pete that i do need this for the trip), some simple gold studs, and a fedora for shading my dark circled eyes when we disembark in LA & hawaii.  my only concern is that my feet will get cold (they always do) but i can’t see walking off the plane in these:

you mean people don’t wear uggs in mid-july on the beach?  whaaat?

3 thoughts on “En Route

  1. Michelle says:

    Hawaii!!! How fun! Are y’all going for any particular reason?

  2. coltempo says:

    we’re going for the same reason we went to mexico last year – we were incredibly, generously, invited for a fun trip with family, and we jumped at the chance!! i’m so excited!

  3. Michelle says:

    Have a great time!! ( I know you will)

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