En Route Option Deux

ok so i loved that yellow cardigan, but tried to come up with an option that would let me (should i have the chance) lay sideways across a bank of tiny plane seats and sleep without baring all.  and on that note, can i just say i love me some light sedative anti-anxiety medicine?  makes flying possible for me, AND pass by quickly.


here’s what i came up with:

Travel 2

also, my whole arm would be there.  again, i’m going with the practically-night-wear-but-just-classy-enough-for-daylight.  we’re talking 10 hours on planes, people!  that’s longer than i sleep every single night of my life!  so i went with comfy black Gap leggings, a long white thick-knit tee (sheer is good in layers, but for a single layer that’ll keep me warm i need something with substance), that same yellow cardi, and another michael kors watch (i’ll take this one too thankyouverymuch).  oxfords would keep my feet warm but are low profile enough they don’t get in my way.

this heidi braid style has been working for me well this summer to keep hair firmly out of the way but not in some smooshed scrunchy.  the yellow eyeshadow, while the perfect match, would just leave me looking like i fell asleep with my face in dandelions or buttercups after a 10-hour flight.  i go with face lotion, blush, and waterproof mascara for flying, and add eyeliner just before landing.  simple, and keeps me feeling like i look relatively pulled together.  ignore the chair seam lines on my face.

One thought on “En Route Option Deux

  1. Katherine says:

    I vote this one! I always freeze on airplanes and this one looks like it will keep you warmer than the dress/sandals combo.

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