Get Real

ok it’s time for a confession.

i quit running.

i was thirty days in, doing well, pushing the one full mile without stopping mark (something i had literally never achieved in my life.  during mile trials in elementary, junior high, and high schools i was always that girl that was walking for her thirteen minute mile).  but then i started feeling really physically unwell.  i had headaches for sixteen days straight – that is a lot of time to have a headache.  finally, i sought treatment and have been feeling much recovered, but now that the heat index is hovering around 105 degrees, i have been less motivated to leave my house after work to exercise.

we have one month til hawaii and while i know i won’t be the pudgiest person on the beach, i don’t feel good about how i’ll be looking.  i’m considering doing the 30-day-shred with this devil woman:

jillian michaels, just give me your stomach for the week i’m in hawaii.  i’ll give it back to you, i swear.  ok fine, i’m lying, but can you blame me?  i guess you have to actually do real work to get a body like that.  SIGH.

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