Entrepreneurs, Hear Me!

now that i’ve worked in downtown memphis for four months, i have compiled a list of missing businesses from downtown that would make my life happier and easier (i’m thinking mostly of my lunch breaks):

– a bookstore.  preferably a small one, with large armchairs, that doesn’t care if i come in to just read my kindle.

– a dessert shop.  something with ice cream, smoothies, cupcakes, brownies.  my REAL business plan (and hear ye, i am now trademarking this as my very own *slightly ripped off* idea): a cupcake truck.  by Muddy’s.  park it on south main from 11-3 and watch the $$ roll on in.

– a health food bistro/cafe.  in direct opposition to my previous thought, we really need someplace down here to get fresh, healthful sandwiches and salads.  i don’t want a greasy hamburger if i’m treating myself to lunch, but i usually can’t spring for a $20 sushi lunch either.  something mid range that is actually relatively low cal but high health.

– a starbucks that is closer and larger to my office.  i have to walk 15 minutes to one, across beale street, and this has led (more than once) to uncomfortable interactions with the homeless population of memphis.  i have been told how beautiful i am, how they want to show me memphis, how we could be beautiful together, how if i ever need an errand run to just let them know, how they are a FELON.  ok, lovely, nice to chat with you gottagokbye.

(on that note, how do you deal with these kind of interactions?  i know they’re pros just trying to make a dollar, but i can’t help but treat them as humans and try to be kind, even if it’s out of self-preservation and my fear of their snapping and hurting me.)

those four things would make downtown such a much more pleasant place to stroll in, for me.  out of curiosity, what do you all do on your lunch breaks?  i’ve realized recently just how much i need that mental break during the day, and try to take advantage of it, usually by reading a book and relaxing somewhere outside of the office.  do you use it to run errands?  take a nap?  go home?

One thought on “Entrepreneurs, Hear Me!

  1. Kat says:

    Hahaha, I love it. I keep trying to convince my Aunt Bev (Muddy’s sister) that she’d be super-cute driving a truck around and distributing baked deliciousness, but she’s not sold yet. 🙂
    As for the other requests, you might check out my sweetheart’s blog http://www.eatlocalmemphis.org for some recommendations in the area. He writes about local spots and since he works at MIFA (on Vance) he goes downtown a bunch. Good luck!!!

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