A True Memphian

i met this sweet girl a few weeks ago.  as i walked on my lunch break, i happened to glance behind a bush only to see a small doggy figure curled up behind it in the “cooler” (i.e. 90 degrees rather than 100) shade.  i bent down and called out to it, and she unfurled and looked at me, thumping her tail but clearly too hot and possibly too unwell to lift her head or come to me to greet me properly.  i patted her head and got more tail thumps and a kiss on the hand, but not much more energy.

i fretted about her over my lunch break, greeted her again on my way back, and was distracted by her for quite a while longer.  since this time, i’ve tried to rescue her / capture her to bring her home three times, each of which she has bolted from me when an awareness of impending capture dawned upon her. 

i’ve seen her trotting down south main, down second street, and i’m sure she goes elsewhere.  i’ve met several homeless men that know her (they call her “old lady” – she’s clearly had at least one if not multiple litters), several construction workers that toss food to her, and a businessman today who confessed to bringing her “a cup of Old Roy every day!”  clearly she has a group looking out for her, and it is just as clear to me that she wants to stay on the streets of downtown memphis, at least for now.  it’s what she knows and where she’s comfortable, but i’ll keep visiting her at lunch, bringing her food from the dollar store (she has her own pink bowls now that i set up in her den area) and cold bottled water to combat the memphis summer.  someday, maybe, she’ll hop in the car with me and discover the joys of a/c and all the comforts that my gibson boy enjoys!

2 thoughts on “A True Memphian

  1. Michelle says:

    Aww….That is so sweet

  2. Amber says:

    Sooo super nice of you. And I love your trends post…. but where you at? Been forever since your last post, what up woman?

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