Summer Trends! Episode 1

working my part-time retail job, i hear a lot of frustration over how to incorporate some of the freshest trends and silhouettes into real wardrobes.  pieces look great on racks and on hangers, but a lot of women are having a hard time figuring out how to actually wear them with other things they might already have.

since we all know that we want to look hottt for the fourth next week, i figured i could spend this week showing you how i would style some of these latest trends.  not that i know much of anything, but i’ll throw in my two cents!

the first one i’m tackling is one that i’m not even too sure of for myself – high-waisted shorts.  a great trend right now for its thriftability (check your grandmother’s closet for some castoffs that you can ride high and belt up!), high-waisted shorts definitely aren’t for the faint of heart or, honestly, the chubby of stomach.  you pretty much have to weigh nothing to pull this off.  BUT i hear, from a lot of our petite ladies especially, how hard it can be to find a flattering fitted look for tiny frames, so boom!  here you go!

Summer Trend: High-Waisted Shorts

here’s my vision for a coney island high-waisted shorts look – relaxed, comfy, and fresh!  i like the fifties silhouette of a snugly tucked plaid camper shirt into the high waisted shorts, cinched with a slim belt.  most people and fashion mags would say throw on some wedges with this, but who would pass up soft huaraches for high teetering wedges?  add a messy bun, kiehl’s sunscreen, smooth cream blush for that summery flush, some vintage-style ray bans, and a fun nautical tote to carry your towel and bottle of water.

not only are the shorts big right now, the plaid, the nautical accents, the woven leather shoes, and the always-fashionable uv-ray consciousness are also high on the Summer 2010 trend list.  if i had a little less stomach and a little less bust, i’d totally rock this.  and word to the wise for my similarly well-endowed friends: make sure you have a super long torso if you want to give this a try, otherwise all people will see are BOOBS and HIPS.  which, hey, if that’s the look you want to showcase, go for it!

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