Episode 2

episode 2: the cargo jacket.  that’s right, i’m getting all kate moss in glastonbury on this biotch.  you’ve probably also seen this look on the olsen twins in years gone by, maybe lilo when she was straggling out of god knows whose house on an early, early morning.  anyway, i’m a big fan of third pieces – cover-ups are awesome.  this one is a little bit grunge rock, but i think a lot of women could a. pull it off and b. enjoy it.

Summer Trend - Cargo Jacket

summer concert wear is pretty key.  my #1 rule: layers.  so the cargo jacket complements it perfectly by keeping you warm as the sun sets.  more nautical horizontal stripes (my personal go-to favoritest trend ever) will add some visual interest under the solid jacket.  some comfy jean bermudas that can take some beer or mud staining, paired with some ok-n0t-so-practical balenciaga wedges, give a good length to the leg and some height to see over your neighbors.  an easy cameo necklace adds a little bling but isn’t important enough to ruin your night if it goes missing.  and finally, my #2 rule for outdoor events: a cross body bag – much harder to steal, much easier to keep close and clean, and hands free!  rock on.

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