Episode 3

next trend up this week: drop waists.  typically we’re talking dresses here, as tunics traditionally often have had this silhouette.  and don’t get me wrong, dresses have too, but that was like….1930.  so we’re back to that silhouette, and again, it’s a hard one for some body types to pull off.  i decided to give you two options with the same jersey, drop-waist dress to show you how you can wear it with a little more or a little less coverage:

Summer Trend - Drop Waists

ok for one, how weird that i found the same girl to be my hair model for each option?


option 1 on the left there is tossing the dress on as more of a tunic with a colorful scarf, bright comfy sandals, and a gorgeous big tote for a day out shopping on the boardwalks (or streets of your favorite city.  newbury street, i miss you…).  i also love the jingle of the kate spade bracelets stacked on.

option 2, still just as much of a day look (but perhaps a little more transitional to night), keeps it as a short dress with some long layered chains, another visual layer of a light white tank under the dress, and some adorable camel oxford wedges.  a straw and leather tote adds some additional texture, and the hipster headband will keep your beach hair in check.

drop waists can be scary since so many girls have been trained to accentuate the narrowest part of their body: the natural waist.  but the drop waist can be used to camouflage a lot of sins with its blousiness, so don’t write it off without giving one a try.

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