Season Finale

as i head off on our fourth of july vacation, i will leave you with the fourth and last installment of my trend series.  if you have enjoyed these, let me know!  i had a ton of fun making these up.  or!  if you have an item you don’t know what to do with or how to wear it, float it by me!

back to the regular programming: my fourth and last trend is inspired by the glamourai – she is always promoting her philosophy of “mixology“: the mixing of patterns and textures to create a visually inspiring but also cohesive look.  here’s my poor man’s polyvore attempt at this…

Summer Trends - Mixology

pretty simple, i know.  but this is from the girl that freaked out and repeatedly asked pete if i looked weird wearing a fine herringbone print wool pant with a striped shirt.  groundbreaking, i know.  this cute little floral top paired with the striped skirt works because of the similar tonality and the visual break of the wide belt.  a cute little vintage beaded purse emphasizes the golden and camel tones of the belt and bracelet mix, and the navy tone is back in the MIU MIU SHOES I LOVE THEM wait what?  where am i?  truth be told i prefer the bird patterned shoe, but couldn’t find them on polyvore.

my keys to making mixology work are as follows:

1. visual breaks

2. similar tones

3. distance between patterns visually and geographically on the body

4.  killer attitude to pull it off

5. very strong legs to walk in those miu mius

there are probably others, but that’s all i can think of.  think outside of the box when it comes to mixing your patterns and you might find a whole new world.

and i mean, look at the pattern mix here:

works, right?  happy fourth of july, everyone, i’ll see you next week!!

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