And So It Begins

the start of wedding DIY projects has commenced!  we are trying to keep wedding costs as low as possible by doing a lot of the decor ourselves – and also i might be a bit of a control freak? so maybe i am doing this so it looks as perfect as i want it to?  that couldn’t be it….anyway!  this is the beginning of what will likely turn out to be my most time-intensive project of them all.  the supplies are a 2″ circle paper punch, white card stock, and some sharp crafting scissors:

did i mention white card stock?  like maybe 600 sheets…you know, plus/minus:

and GO!  punch 5 times down one side of the card stock…

then turn the paper and punch five more times down the other side. start to feel the burn, mostly in the bicep area.  hope that this is all the workout you will need to do to prepare for a strapless wedding dress.

cut one of the strips of punched paper off, as closely as you can to the circles, comme ca:

punch five more circles down the new edge:

squeeze in four more punches in the remainder of the paper.  the circles don’t need to be perfect, because there will ultimately be about 11,000 of them (no, i’m not joking), so no one will be looking at each individual circle to judge your imperfections.

annnnnd, repeat. repeat. repeat. repeat.  until you think that you might be punching circles for the rest of your livelong days.  (i might be punching circles for the rest of my livelong days…)

enlist help.  they don’t do much, but they look eager to assist:

watch episode after episode of late night with jimmy fallon on hulu plus, then switch to streaming mad men season 3 on netflix.  regret the time you spent watching “little black book” starring the late, great brittany murphy.i’ll let you know what the next stage is when i get there – in approximately 4 months.  and before you ask, yes this was completely my idea, pete has nothing to do with it, and i have high hopes for the drama it will add to the ceremony.  also, our local anthropologie totally stole my idea from my head and used it in this month’s window display – just remember, it was all me first!

2 thoughts on “And So It Begins

  1. says:

    All for DIY! Makes it really personal!
    Thank you for entering the Beso Win an Iconic Trench Giveaway! Good luck – xoxo

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