one of the biggest challenges when decorating a large event space is to decorate proportionally.  you don’t want a dinky little vase on each table in a room with 12′ ceilings, it gets swallowed up!

to bring my space into better harmony (who knows if i succeeded, this was just my goal) i decided to use what i called “chandeliers”  suspended from our ceilings to draw the eye down and create visual contrast against the dark ceilings and exposed brick walls.

so i first began with an armful of these – color me looking like a crazy crocheting addict wandering around michael’s with all of these hoops, i literally was asked what on earth i was doing with them all by one curious fellow-crafter:

[photo source]

take those plus spray paint, fishing wire, and a multitude of different supplies (handmade tissue paper poufs, chinese lanterns, other miscellaneous decorative shapes), and you get these:


as seen from below, pictured by friends nick and lauren via instagram (let’s face it, i’m not going to apologize for instagram pictures, i love em!).

from the side, they hung down about yea far:

oh hey, bridesmaids!  kate and katherine started working the room pretty early in the evening….or day (photo by lauren, again – good work, lady!).

my maid of honor and i put a TON LOAD ASS LOAD TRUCK LOAD of time into these tissue paper poufs and then resulting chandeliers – my couch was slowly consumed by tissue paper that i’m pretty sure bred behind my back.  but it was worth it, once my amazing (seriously, amazing, lemme know if you want a hook up!) day-of coordinator jonathan had them hung and pete’s aunt cricket followed after, re-fluffing.

i would estimate that each chandelier involved the following costs:

– tissue paper               $5.00
– chinese lanterns       $5.00
– accordion shapes    $5.00
– fishing wire                $0.50
– knitting hoop            $3.00

    TOTAL                        $18.50/each

plus about an hour of labor on each one, approximately.  this is all a rough estimate, though!

they were such a whimsical way to set the tone of the evening immediately – pretty, fun, in our colors, and handmade.  and there you have the end-result of one project, and you got a peek at our cake in the process!

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