I’m In a Booth!

i’m in a booth, mother-effers, i’m in a booth!

ok that was pretty lame, roger that.

without further ado, some of the highlights from our photo booth extravaganza at the wedding – best investment everrrrr, can we say permanent blackmail?

me with my maid of honor, jenn, my best friend since fifth grade!

bridesmaids, reader, friend, and bride – but all wonderful beautiful people who traveled in from california, kansas city, D.C., TURKEY!!, and all the way from nashville!

i know i love oversized sunglasses but dang.

my husband can sure rock a set of bunny ears.

 and drumroll please, this is hands DOWN our favorite of the evening, we die of giggles every time we see it even though we know what’s coming……..

my mother-in-law with her cousin, and again, and again, and then BOOM UNCLE AL IN A SOMBRERO!  ole!

suffice it to say, i wish we had a photo booth in our house.  actually, that’s not a bad idea…how much do you think one runs?  ebay, here i come….

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