The Anderson Collection Candy Shoppe

another wedding craft i took on was our favors.  i loved the way a candy bar could incorporate your colors, some extra dessert options, and was just plain fun, so i decided early on to go with that.

several trips to tj maxx, ross dress for less, marshall’s, and target later (all over maybe a six-month period), i had a formidable glass canister/vase collection taking up space in our guest room.  some with lids, some without, different heights and volume sizes, to create as much of a visually pleasing tablescape as i could.

i am kicking myself now for not taking more in-progress pictures, but you would be surprised a. how slippery glass vases are when you are attempting to wrap them with ribbon, b. just how many hot glue spider web strings one person can create, and c. your inability to take pictures if you aren’t there during setup.

but hey, i have one picture of the final table, at least!:

step by step the process involved:

1. buying all the glass

2. ordering the candy…i used and wayyyy over-ordered – want some sixlets?  i have about 5 lbs of them!  after extensive research and comparison, plus just simple searching for stuff in my color scheme, i found this site to be the best deal and have the most diverse offerings.

3. ordering treat bags and monogram stickers…i got the treat bags (just simple silver paper sacks) from, and we picked up some “A” stickers to close the bags with at Michael’s.

4. i wrapped each vase first with wide gray ribbon and hot glued it straight to the glass at the back, tucking the ends for a more finished look, then repeated with a slightly slimmer white ribbon.  using some textured yellow scrapbook paper, i created the little label medallions, cut them out, and hot glued them to the ribbon.

5. to make some risers (not so visible in this image, except just to the right of the sign) i simply took some super sturdy shoe boxes and wrapped them with silver dotted wrapping paper.

6. i googled for some old-fashionedy signage, and tweaked it a bit to paint our Candy Shoppe sign – a basic canvas from Michael’s, it just says “The Anderson Collection” “The Candy Shoppe” & “Sweets from Us to You.”  not perfect, but what is?

7. the table runners were a collaboration between me and my mother-in-law and her cousin, just raw fabric “hemmed” with stitch witchery.  the fabric was bought in bulk from JoAnn’s website – we had runners on every table!

8. fill the jars!  this was apparently done by my brother-in-law and some of the guys’ cousins, per my rather detailed directions.  i tried to spread the various colors around the table so we didn’t have all gray then all yellow, or vice-versa.  we ended up having: mango gummy bears, hershey’s kisses, white mints, yellow & silver sixlets, rum&butter candy sticks, licorice candy sticks, little yellow lollipops, and lemon sours.

9. eat the candy!  (which we are still doing, to this day…)

10. debrief (all by myself to the imaginary team of people in my head that are fighting each other to hear my opinion): next time (next party, not next wedding), remember: people don’t like licorice or rum&butter candy sticks (super unpopular), mints weren’t that great of a hit either, and however many sixlets you think you need, cut that amount in half.  and buy more chocolate hershey’s kisses, those were gone before we knew it!

and just as a cursory note, none of these stores have ever heard of me, except to fill my ginormous orders.  all store usage came after extensive research, review-reading, price comparison, and quality testing.

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