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Wedding Crafts & Personal Touches

please forgive my brief sabbatical, i wanted to keep nana at the top of the page there for a while.

the irish blessing she read at our wedding was one of many personal touches i tried to incorporate into our day.  i wanted the wedding to say, even scream, “PETE & KATIE!”  i have been to too many weddings that scream,

“Hey, this is actually my parents’ party that just happens to be on our big day!” or

“I like the most generic and trite of decor because I had no idea what else to do!”

and i wanted ours to be a 180 from that bizniss.

so here’s some stuff i put my fingers on:

our cake topper.  a friend did the illustration, i ordered the laser cutout on acrylic, and i loved the result!  patsy got to be there on our special day, if only in spirit.

our wedding party.  hello, ridiculousness.  pete had 12 groomsmen, i had 11 attendants (10 bridesmaids, 1 bridesdude).  we could not have done this without any of them.  especially take absurd pictures.

signage.  my nephews carried this particular sign, which i freehanded using a word doc on my laptop and different fonts for inspiration.  i could just hear everyone “awwwwwwww”-ing when these two came down the aisle, and they were so dang proud to have this job!  i also did signs for our photo booth, candy table, and an Avett Brothers quotation that i thought perfectly fit the day:

Always remember, there is nothing worth sharing like the love that let us share our name.”

including our bebes.  this was pre-finnigan, so these two got to get taken out of camp for a couple of hours to come be with us for our first look and some key pictures.  it wouldn’t have been a wedding day without our little boys!

ring pillow.  i hand-sewed this ring pillow that never actually carried any rings and was really just for show.  my nephew, luke, carried it down the aisle for us though!

my great-grandmother’s handkerchief.  my mom’s mom’s mom made this for my mom to carry down the aisle, and i got to carry it too – it has some yellow spots from age but you can’t beat this for “something old.”

our fire axe.  purely for show, this was our cake-cutting utensil.  it reads “ANDERSON” then the EMS/fire maltese cross, then “EST. 2012”.  i love that we will always have the thing we used to cut our cake hanging out on our wall.

centerpieces, table runners, and “chandeliers.”  as i went in to previously, i did the chandeliers by hand.  we used stitch witchery to make the table runners over an afternoon, and i ordered (and now own, anyone want one?) and arranged all of the centerpieces.  i wanted to alternate tall and low centerpieces, so the ones with willow are almost 4′ tall on the tables while the ones with yellow baby’s breath – who knew that existed? – are only about 1′ tall.

my backdrop, as previously discussed.  it looked so awesome in all of the pictures!  added the perfect touch i had hoped to achieve.

we also designed our own cakes, elected to serve moscato instead of champagne (i’m a sweet wine kinda girl), played some mega-important songs to our various friend groups like “rosanna” by toto and “like a prayer” by madonna, and reused all of the bridesmaid bouquets as centerpieces on our 2-person tables.  i’m actually pretty proud of how this turned out, and have to thank my photographers, Pablo Corona Photography, for these beautiful images (which p.s. are copyrighted by me and them!)!

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Been Awhile

apparently i’ve been off the blog for…a couple of months.


suffice it to say, life got a little much to handle for a while.  i’m feeling a bit more back on track, and have lots of exciting things coming up this summer and further, so i hope to be back on the blog more!

anyway, we’ve done some fun stuff lately:


[that was not fun…]

[…ok back to our regularly scheduled programming…]

a good crew of our friends came in town for memphis in may.  we went to see our friend and memphis’ newest baller, rc the colaman and his dj, squirt, play at the P&H in midtown.  it was the night of a tornado warning – memphis in may’s concerts actually got shut down and evacuated for the night.  so what did we do?  sit outside.  makes for a good moody backdrop though.

then pete got badged!  he’s soooo close to being certified as a Firefighter I – just a practical exam or two to go, which he’s practicing for tonight.  scary but i have no doubts that i’m going to soon be living with a full-fledged, full-time, fully-hot firefighter!

and THEN we went camping.  we spent two nights out at a state park an hour and a half east of memphis.  it was beautiful and due to unfortunate physical circumstances (thanks, mother nature) i did not enjoy it as much as i wanted to.  we’re hoping to set up another camping trip in the upcoming weeks.

memorial day rolled around and we spent it in central arkansas at a friend’s gorgeous lake house and out on the lake.  obviously, pete enjoyed himself.

oh, and if you’re wondering about gibson, he’s good.  being pretty lazy as the heat sets in.



Things to Say

i haven’t been posting much…ok, at all…because i just haven’t had too much i felt like i needed to just get out there and share and whatever.  but i miss blogging, so here i am.

we’ve actually been doing a lot since i was last on.  my mom and nephew came to town, and we took him (in one day) to the children’s museum of memphis AND the zoo.  it was a 2.5-year-old’s ideal day, for sure.  that same weekend, pete ran another half marathon and shaved a minute off of his prior time, despite it being 40 degrees and raining for the entire race.  i have never seen people shake and shiver as hard as those runners after the finish line!  next we went to nashville for the weekend to hike with friends at long hunter state park, a good-sized group of friends and a pack of three elated dogs.  i highly recommend the trails to people with dogs and in need of some easy outdoor time.  no walls to scale or anything, it was a pretty relaxed hike and had some gorgeous views.  skipping rocks on the lake wasn’t too shabby, either!

then came pete’s birthday weekend, the big 2-6!  he thinks he’s ancient, i think he just gets better looking.  aging like a fine barrell of maker’s mark.  zing!  anyway, i decided that since he’s always all, “don’t get me anything, i don’t need anything, there are better things to spend money on, blah blah blah,” it would be better to put my time toward organizing an ideal pete day.  we began with saturday morning breakfast on our front porch, the dog stretched out in the sun, with starbucks coffee (chai for me) and panera blueberry bagels.  it was 72 degrees, sunny, birds were singing, and it was the perfect start to the day.

next we got dressed for outdoorsy activities and invited a couple of friends over.  i packed a massive lunch (lunch meat, tomatoes, panera bread, condiments, lettuce, crackers, granola bars, cookies, grapes, carrots…i got carried away) and we packed ourselves into my car.  gibson cruised with us in the way-back of my hatchback out to meeman-shelby state forest (about 40 minutes from our house), and we hiked into their woodland trail.  it was GORGEOUS and a good bit stiffer of a hike than long hunter.  or really, the only rougher elements were the elevation change at the start/finish and the mud.  gibson was one happy camper, muddy up to his neck and grinning like a fool.  we hiked about 2 miles in, ate lunch, went a little further and, upon meeting a muddy valley slash impasse, turned around and hiked back out. 

we stopped to see the general store, a favorite local haunt built in 1930.  there was a rooster on the front porch, live music on the side porch, and an eclectic  group of folks inside.  a leisurely (aka we got lost) drive out of the park and back into memphis saw us saying bye to our friends.  we cleaned up and relaxed for a couple hours, and then i drove us back downtown to dinner out at bluefin.  we had a ton of excellent sushi (one of the rev’s favorites, and a great light meal after a long day outside), and wandered down peabody place to the crepe maker for a dessert crepe out on the street.  then it was back home for a quick change and then back out to the hi tone for the cd release party of Harlan T. Bobo, a local artist and a killer performer.  his opening band left a lot to be desired (the audience was literally open mouthed in confusion), but Bobo was worth the wait.

the birthday day ended at about 2:30 am at home, where we both passed out from the efforts of the day, but it was proclaimed to be damn near the perfect day by the rev.  so, mission accomplished!  we followed it up sunday with a trip to see La Cage Aux Folles (the play that provided the inspiration for the movie The Birdcage) at Theater Memphis.  it was hilarious and well done.  that brings us up to this past weekend, which i really just worked so wa hoo for that.  aaaaand we’re updated!  i have other exciting news to share (non-pregnancy, non-wedding news), but i’ll save it for another post.  and sorry for the lack of pictures, i’ll update the post later!

NaBloPoMo Fail, Friends Win

well, i’ve now missed three out of five days in november, so i officially fail my meager attempt to make good on NaBloPoMo this year.  dang.

to build my karma back up, i’m going to let you in on some secret artists that you may love (or not, that’s up to you, but i bet you’ll love them!).  and, push me over with a feather, i know these people!  this first artist is danielle maslan.  danielle and i went to elementary school from 2nd to 4th grade together, and thought we were hard listening to green day in 4th grade and coloring our nails with marker.  she is immensely talented and went to parsons in new york to hone her skills.   i’m totally going to save some pennies to pick up one of her pieces.

next up is gena destri (keffer) mcgill.  i knew her as gena keffer, same elementary school, same grades.  then we both moved a couple of cities down the road, went to different elementary schools for the next few years, and then we were back in school together in junior high!  gena is also insanely good, and i actually already own one of her pieces:

there it is above the mantel in our townhouse – she painted the Colosseum from life, and i snatched it from her.  i looooove that piece, and it now hangs in my dining room in a spot that i get to see it every day.  so cool to own things by friends.  and check out her other stuff – i really want her series of doors, also painted from life in italy.

high school (especially AP Chem class, what were we thinking?) brought me closer to amber ledom kellen.  after a stint in the navy, she is now a mommy to three (!) little ones and one busy lady.  she makes some super cute custom jewelry…order from her for the holidays if you order from anyone!  check out her stuff:

next is my college friend, lauren reyes gibbs-beadle.  first one to get married, first one to have a baby, and i’m pretty sure my first friend to have an etsy shop, especially an etsy shop that was once featured on dooce (!!).  i love her little hippillows, and i’m going to have to send her some fabric to do a damask one for my guest room bed.  so cute.

Baby Neutron hippillow (w/ brown OR sky blue fleece)

and finally, sisters leslie and martha (hi ladies!).  i met them working with the two of them at my second job, and they each have an etsy shop – leslie owns rhetorical printing, where she makes gorgeous stationery.  i’m totally going to use her for my next set of invitations, if i ever throw some kind of legitimate party:

Set of 12 personalized stationery Gwyneth cards apple green with personalized envelopes

and sister martha owns punkinpied, for your next baby gift:

baby cupcake applique onesie

so, wow, i know a lot of talented ladies.  and check out their linked names, those last four are big-time bloggers, too!  now i’m feeling the need to step up and open an etsy shop of my own.  hmmmm….

Happy Day One to BabybelBeadle

dear tiny beadle baby,

i’m not lucky enough, babybel, to rush to your side (like auntie katherine and auntie kate, not to be confused with me, auntie katie), but i AM able to write you your first internet-based letter post-birth!  you’ve made it one whole day in this crazy world, and it’s only going to get crazier – and i’m not talking like oh, man, our economy is spiraling out of control and what those crazy foreigners out there are up to, i’m talking like oh, man, wait til you really meet your parents…

i met your mommy in college, five and a half years ago (holy crap), and she is awesome.  your mom is so openminded.  she’s the first to always argue the alternative, play the devil’s advocate, and think of others.  she’s loyal to a fault.  but i’m sure now that you’re reading this at age 12 or whatever, you are thinking: BORING.  you want the dirt, right?  your mom was always the one to bring the party, too – i have strong memories (perhaps so strong because i have pictures – call me) of her swigging andre champagne (something i as your auntie must recommend you NOT DO) straight from the bottle.  she was one of few who was willing to stand up on tables, chairs, and/or window sills at WZLY parties to dance – she always knew how to work it out.  in rather tame evidence, i offer:


ghetto fabulous, right?  i’m sure this is quite tame and all in your day, but trust…your mom can represent.  she rocked the big shades before they were…big….and she always rolled deep in her saturn, running us all the way to framingham and stuff.

your dad, i know less.  i got as much dirt on him from auntie katherine, who always has the inside scoop, that i could, and i met him when your mommy and daddy got married.  and the one thing i’ve not only heard time and again but now witnessed is this: should your mom and dad be stranded on the side of a torrentially flowing ravine, and there were no bridge, your father would most likely string himself across so that your mom could walk across and stay dry and safe.  in a word, he adores her.  BORING, i know.  and probably a little GROSS thrown in.  but it’s true.  as for dirt, i don’t have much…but as your mom can, your dad can get down.  and i mean get DOWN, check it out:


he was trying to intimidate your cousin evie via dance-off.  she had none of it, just for the record.  but what i really want you to know is that the entire day and night of the wedding i saw a whole lot of this:


your dad was always right by your mom’s side, and see that contact?  he never stopped in keeping his hand on her back, gently guiding her from guest to guest, table to table, making sure she was comfortable, had her drink, and always knew he was there.  and though i don’t know him well, i have a feeling he’ll be doing the same for you – offering a hand, being a guide, offering advice and affection unbounded.  and your mom, oh what your mom will give you.  i’ll leave it to you to figure that out, but it’s a lot of good things.  very good.

and one last thing…welcome to wellesley, class of 2031!  we’re glad to have you.  but really, we’re just glad to have you here, safe, and awfully smushy and tiny.  i can’t wait to meet you and do what i do best – take a bajillion pictures.  get ready.

img00135(pic courtesy of auntie kate)

❤ auntie katie