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Dog Babies

doggy update!  finnigan, pictured above, is (despite her listed offenses above) the light of our lives. she is a bubble of sunshine and energy, but best loves to be snuggled up on top of us.


oliver is suffering from a serious case of the tasty paws, and is thusly coned for a majority of his time.  he is still a lovey little man and provides us with endless entertainment and me with unbounded protection.


gibson, my sweet, sweet, sweet gibby bear.  he loves his mumma, his daddy, snuggles, toys, treats, and his brudder & sister, in that order.  he is our most submissive dogchild and will always give up his treat, toy, spot on the couch, and anything he has if either of the other dogs glances his way. he is a big softie and we love our firstborn with all of our everything.

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Leading the Way

love this picture of us with the boys on wedding day!

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Wedding Crafts & Personal Touches

please forgive my brief sabbatical, i wanted to keep nana at the top of the page there for a while.

the irish blessing she read at our wedding was one of many personal touches i tried to incorporate into our day.  i wanted the wedding to say, even scream, “PETE & KATIE!”  i have been to too many weddings that scream,

“Hey, this is actually my parents’ party that just happens to be on our big day!” or

“I like the most generic and trite of decor because I had no idea what else to do!”

and i wanted ours to be a 180 from that bizniss.

so here’s some stuff i put my fingers on:

our cake topper.  a friend did the illustration, i ordered the laser cutout on acrylic, and i loved the result!  patsy got to be there on our special day, if only in spirit.

our wedding party.  hello, ridiculousness.  pete had 12 groomsmen, i had 11 attendants (10 bridesmaids, 1 bridesdude).  we could not have done this without any of them.  especially take absurd pictures.

signage.  my nephews carried this particular sign, which i freehanded using a word doc on my laptop and different fonts for inspiration.  i could just hear everyone “awwwwwwww”-ing when these two came down the aisle, and they were so dang proud to have this job!  i also did signs for our photo booth, candy table, and an Avett Brothers quotation that i thought perfectly fit the day:

Always remember, there is nothing worth sharing like the love that let us share our name.”

including our bebes.  this was pre-finnigan, so these two got to get taken out of camp for a couple of hours to come be with us for our first look and some key pictures.  it wouldn’t have been a wedding day without our little boys!

ring pillow.  i hand-sewed this ring pillow that never actually carried any rings and was really just for show.  my nephew, luke, carried it down the aisle for us though!

my great-grandmother’s handkerchief.  my mom’s mom’s mom made this for my mom to carry down the aisle, and i got to carry it too – it has some yellow spots from age but you can’t beat this for “something old.”

our fire axe.  purely for show, this was our cake-cutting utensil.  it reads “ANDERSON” then the EMS/fire maltese cross, then “EST. 2012”.  i love that we will always have the thing we used to cut our cake hanging out on our wall.

centerpieces, table runners, and “chandeliers.”  as i went in to previously, i did the chandeliers by hand.  we used stitch witchery to make the table runners over an afternoon, and i ordered (and now own, anyone want one?) and arranged all of the centerpieces.  i wanted to alternate tall and low centerpieces, so the ones with willow are almost 4′ tall on the tables while the ones with yellow baby’s breath – who knew that existed? – are only about 1′ tall.

my backdrop, as previously discussed.  it looked so awesome in all of the pictures!  added the perfect touch i had hoped to achieve.

we also designed our own cakes, elected to serve moscato instead of champagne (i’m a sweet wine kinda girl), played some mega-important songs to our various friend groups like “rosanna” by toto and “like a prayer” by madonna, and reused all of the bridesmaid bouquets as centerpieces on our 2-person tables.  i’m actually pretty proud of how this turned out, and have to thank my photographers, Pablo Corona Photography, for these beautiful images (which p.s. are copyrighted by me and them!)!

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Back On

i know i do this all the time.  disappear for months (this time i had the ohmygodi’mplanningawedding excuse, at least) and then reappear like wahoo!  welcome me back!  and then post post post and wait where did i go?  and then you wait.

well, i’m back this time.  cross your fingers and hope – if you do – for good.

i want to share everything about the wedding, mostly so i don’t forget all of the labor and love i put into every aspect, but i’ll spread that out for you.  i want to share everything about our honeymoon, even though it probably isn’t all that exciting for anyone but us.

in the meantime, let’s get caught up:

we got a new baby!  her name is finnigan elizabeth patsy anderson.  to honor our dear, sweet, departed patsy the catsy (who passed away at the ripe old age of 15 just after thanksgiving and will be forever missed), we included her in the honorable tradition of giving our pets four names.  i made the mistake of volunteering with memphis animal services on a mobile adoption event, and guess who came home with me?  she was the victim of a home ear crop job (think: scissors + sweet floppy puppy ears) but is recovered and sweet, happy and light and full of 6-month-old energy.  we love her.

we got married!  we are done with the wedding, done with the pouf making, done with the hyper-over-organizing, DONE!

we went on a honeymoon to austin, tx!  here we are, all excited, before what turned out to be our least-favorite meal of the trip.  oh well, c’est la vie.

our boys continue to be rockstars of the bowtie-wearing variety.  dapper little fellows, no?

still living the life on a small lake in memphis.  the rev is still a firefighter/paramedic, i’m still an office worker bee, and i’m still obsessed with starbucks and nail polish and shopping and sleeping.

let’s do this!!

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Fast Forward

soooo…you all still around?  did you give up on me totally?  i can’t believe i’ve been off of this blog for almost a year – i still read all of you, every day, but just kind of lost the motivation to tell you about my days.  to gloss it over, my job was overwhelming, i had a lot going on, and something had to give.  i’m sorry to have let it be this!

so let’s review the past few months in a minute or less….












in summary – hawaii, new dog oliver bernard harrison anderson, ENGAGEMENT!, boston trip, visit with family in kansas and my adorable nephews, christmas in san francisco with college besties, family reunion in new orleans, tip reunion in memphis, march was full of family (my grandfather in cincinnati, my nephews and step-niece here, my grandfather’s funeral in pittsburgh [not pictured] and new job for me AND full-time position for pete as a firefighter(!), pete’s birthday in april with his big boy firefighter cake and a trip to nashville [not pictured] and me quitting my second job [not pictured], and may brought me a brand new goooorgeous melie bianco bag that happens to match patsy.

ok wow that was a lot of traveling, in retrospect. annnnnnnyways.

on to the big stuff: WEDDING PLANNING.

i don’t want to forget some wedding ideas, and i want to keep track of my life during this engagement – we’ve already been engaged for 8 months – so here i am!  we are about to confirm a wedding date of february 25, 2012 here in memphis at a B.A.utiful location:

we’re super excited and are in the process of figuring out the fun stuff – wedding party, guest list, decor theme, and most importantly, what kind of cake we’ll be having.  so welcome back to my life, i’m glad to see you all (maybe?  i’m not sure anyone’s still out there) again!

also i’m taking another trip next week – my FIVE YEAR college reunion at wellesley (p.s. i’m old, though the ladies coming for their 50th reunion tend to differ)!  watch for pictures!

A True Memphian

i met this sweet girl a few weeks ago.  as i walked on my lunch break, i happened to glance behind a bush only to see a small doggy figure curled up behind it in the “cooler” (i.e. 90 degrees rather than 100) shade.  i bent down and called out to it, and she unfurled and looked at me, thumping her tail but clearly too hot and possibly too unwell to lift her head or come to me to greet me properly.  i patted her head and got more tail thumps and a kiss on the hand, but not much more energy.

i fretted about her over my lunch break, greeted her again on my way back, and was distracted by her for quite a while longer.  since this time, i’ve tried to rescue her / capture her to bring her home three times, each of which she has bolted from me when an awareness of impending capture dawned upon her. 

i’ve seen her trotting down south main, down second street, and i’m sure she goes elsewhere.  i’ve met several homeless men that know her (they call her “old lady” – she’s clearly had at least one if not multiple litters), several construction workers that toss food to her, and a businessman today who confessed to bringing her “a cup of Old Roy every day!”  clearly she has a group looking out for her, and it is just as clear to me that she wants to stay on the streets of downtown memphis, at least for now.  it’s what she knows and where she’s comfortable, but i’ll keep visiting her at lunch, bringing her food from the dollar store (she has her own pink bowls now that i set up in her den area) and cold bottled water to combat the memphis summer.  someday, maybe, she’ll hop in the car with me and discover the joys of a/c and all the comforts that my gibson boy enjoys!

Been Awhile

apparently i’ve been off the blog for…a couple of months.


suffice it to say, life got a little much to handle for a while.  i’m feeling a bit more back on track, and have lots of exciting things coming up this summer and further, so i hope to be back on the blog more!

anyway, we’ve done some fun stuff lately:


[that was not fun…]

[…ok back to our regularly scheduled programming…]

a good crew of our friends came in town for memphis in may.  we went to see our friend and memphis’ newest baller, rc the colaman and his dj, squirt, play at the P&H in midtown.  it was the night of a tornado warning – memphis in may’s concerts actually got shut down and evacuated for the night.  so what did we do?  sit outside.  makes for a good moody backdrop though.

then pete got badged!  he’s soooo close to being certified as a Firefighter I – just a practical exam or two to go, which he’s practicing for tonight.  scary but i have no doubts that i’m going to soon be living with a full-fledged, full-time, fully-hot firefighter!

and THEN we went camping.  we spent two nights out at a state park an hour and a half east of memphis.  it was beautiful and due to unfortunate physical circumstances (thanks, mother nature) i did not enjoy it as much as i wanted to.  we’re hoping to set up another camping trip in the upcoming weeks.

memorial day rolled around and we spent it in central arkansas at a friend’s gorgeous lake house and out on the lake.  obviously, pete enjoyed himself.

oh, and if you’re wondering about gibson, he’s good.  being pretty lazy as the heat sets in.



Long Weekend, Long Gone

thanksgiving weekend was great but way too quick.  i got in a lot of extra food, extra sleep, and extra sweets, so all in all it was successful.  as i’d said, my dad came down to visit, getting in on wednesday night.  i picked him up on my own, since pete was at a 24-hour shift at the fire station til 7 a.m. the next morning.  he fit in at home quite quickly, as he was adopted by patsy:

(picture taken on my phone, don’t judge.)  we had a quiet night at dinner at cafe 1912 and home relaxing.  while we were eating, pete’s brother’s children got to go visit him at the station and tour the firehouse:

Picture courtesy of Leah!

pete showed back up the next morning with coffee in hand for all of us.  we again settled down for a relaxing morning and early afternoon at our house while i fixed my one signature thanksgiving dish: creamed onions (see bottom of this post for the recipe!).  we headed over to pete’s parents’ house for dinner and hanging out.  of course, our little man came along:

Picture courtesy of Leah!

spoiled, you say?  he was so, SO good with pete’s nephews (3 and almost 2 years old), playing with them and chasing them without ever pushing them or grabbing for a toy or anything.  i was a very proud dog mom.  we took a group picture of the entire anderson family (a rare thing for them to all be in one place), and it turned out really well – or, the one where they’re looking at the camera did…

Picture courtesy of Leah!

it’s funny what a difference a year can make.  last year we were in the same house while pete’s family was out of town, and it was us and all friends.  friends came from far and wide for a post-dinner game of bocce in the backyard (a year later and we still haven’t found one ball back there), cigars, sitting around an outdoor fire pit, and unwinding.  this year it was all family, and a good bit louder (let’s just say things get heated when you play guys v. girls in pictionary and the guys blatantly cheat), but just as good.  hope everyone else had a good thanksgiving and isn’t too exhausted this week (as i am)!!


Creamed Onions

pearl onions

2/3 c. heavy cream

2 T. butter

1 tsp. sugar

1/4 tsp. salt

2/3 c. fresh minced parsley

In skillet combine onions, butter, sugar, salt and enough water to cover single layer of onions by 1/2 inch.  Boil mixture and onions until liquid is almost evaporated.  Cook onions over moderate heat, swirling skillet until they turn golden and begin to brown.  Add cream, bring to a boil.  Boil, stirring occasionally, until sauce is slightly thickened.  Season with salt and pepper, stir in parsley.

Hint:  to skin the onions, cut off top and bottom, put in boiling water for 1 minute.  When you get them back out it is easy to peel off the skin.

Day(s) at the Park, by Gibson

hey, i know you’ve heard a lot about me, but i thought i’d introduce myself:

IMG_5050hey!  i’m gibson.  well, gibson wainwright prescott anderdise, but i just usually go by gibb.  my parents sometimes also call me dr. gibbles or mr. gibblesworth, but that’s neither here nor there.  anyway, this weekend it was 75 degrees out, so my mom and pops decided to take me to this amazing park, shelby farms – both days!  this picture of me above is from me in the car on the way there.  i usually am quiet in the car, i keep thinking i might be going to the vet so i try to be good to keep it from happening.

IMG_5053my pops is usually at the wheel.  we spun out to the farm, and i was ready to go!


i was soooooo excited, i got to meet a bison, first thing!  i was positively SCREAMING with the thrill of it.


then, for the first time, i got to play with a crabapple.  it was almost as big as my head, but i didn’t care – it tasted a little good so i was happy to chase it over and over for pops.  when my mom made me leave it behind, i was pretty let down!


i took a quiet moment to look out over the farms before we headed into the woods for some trail time.  it’s a pretty, and pretty BIG place!


i love being in the woods!!  this trail was my favorite – sun dappled, over 70 degrees, and i had on my woods souvenir, a new beat-up blue bandanna.  i think it makes me look a little hipster, and who knows, maybe i’ll get some skinny jeans next?



let’s hit the trails!  through the woods, by some tall grass (which i couldn’t get enough of, what is more fun than running through tall grass with your nose down??  nothing!), leading my mom all the way.


she looked a little tired.  she acted like she felt a little tired.  but she kept on following me, all the way.


dang, it was bright outside, though!  in this picture we’re finally on the way to meet up with my pops at the water fountain.  he took off running on his own so that mom could get in some quality time with me.  i didn’t mind, i love her best anyway….see?:


don’t tell pops.  he has patsy the cat for comfort, anyway.  mom and i look GOOD together!


ok i’ll confess.  i know i looked all bad to the bone walking those miles of trail, but i am BEAT when i’ve done it.  both days this weekend i was a ball of jello afterward.  especially once i hit the backseat…see?


and this was my day, both days this weekend….right now i’m dictating this to my mom while i’m dozing off and on in my bed.  i can’t stay awake to save my life!  my parents high-fived over me just now, talking about how awesome puppy exhaustion is…i have no clue what they’re talking about, but i’ll take more trips to shelby farms any day!

Moving Right Along

the days and weeks keep speeding by, but i finally have a development to announce: the rev is joining me in the two-job world!  so now we not only have a budding one of these in the house:

we have one of these joining the ranks as well:

i’ll feel pretty safe at home, as a consequence.  that is…when he’s there.  but that’s why we got our big, bad dog, right?:

0930092006great, a whole lot of help he’s going to be.  he’s far too occupied with his kajillion toys to protect his mom.  he has gotten pretty good at fetch, though, til he gets tired of it and just takes his toy off by himself.  pete got him a big huge bone “knuckle” which has now become the star attraction of the house for gibb.  he runs for it the second he’s out of his crate and doesn’t leave it til he goes back to bed.  he’s also put on more than seven pounds since we picked his skinny butt up from the shelter and nursed him back to health, so he’s filling up and out quite nicely.  hopefully someday he will be my big protector!

other than that, not much to report.  it’s finally getting cooler (a bit, of course today it’s back up to 76) here.  i can feel the rhythms of holiday shopping season begin to ebb at job #2 and in my soul (i’ve been christmas shopping since july).  after this weekend at home we have two busy ones upcoming – first i’m off to the east coast on sort-of-not-really business, then back here, then the following weekend back to the east coast but with the rev this time, for a bit of a run.  (him, definitely not me…i’ll be on the sidelines eating fried dough and passing him tape for his nipples.)  then back home to plan for thanksgiving in memphis, then more travel in december!  huh, no idea why the holidays are exhausting…