Back On

i know i do this all the time.  disappear for months (this time i had the ohmygodi’mplanningawedding excuse, at least) and then reappear like wahoo!  welcome me back!  and then post post post and wait where did i go?  and then you wait.

well, i’m back this time.  cross your fingers and hope – if you do – for good.

i want to share everything about the wedding, mostly so i don’t forget all of the labor and love i put into every aspect, but i’ll spread that out for you.  i want to share everything about our honeymoon, even though it probably isn’t all that exciting for anyone but us.

in the meantime, let’s get caught up:

we got a new baby!  her name is finnigan elizabeth patsy anderson.  to honor our dear, sweet, departed patsy the catsy (who passed away at the ripe old age of 15 just after thanksgiving and will be forever missed), we included her in the honorable tradition of giving our pets four names.  i made the mistake of volunteering with memphis animal services on a mobile adoption event, and guess who came home with me?  she was the victim of a home ear crop job (think: scissors + sweet floppy puppy ears) but is recovered and sweet, happy and light and full of 6-month-old energy.  we love her.

we got married!  we are done with the wedding, done with the pouf making, done with the hyper-over-organizing, DONE!

we went on a honeymoon to austin, tx!  here we are, all excited, before what turned out to be our least-favorite meal of the trip.  oh well, c’est la vie.

our boys continue to be rockstars of the bowtie-wearing variety.  dapper little fellows, no?

still living the life on a small lake in memphis.  the rev is still a firefighter/paramedic, i’m still an office worker bee, and i’m still obsessed with starbucks and nail polish and shopping and sleeping.

let’s do this!!

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